Patching side of boot, the patch needs bottom edge sewn to sole and then trimmed.

Anderson's Shoe & Tarp Repair tries to make every repair as inconspicuous as possible.  We stock 70+ thread colors.  We have patching leather in 50+ colors and thicknesses.  In popular colors, we often carry whole hides of leather.  We do this to provide you with the best possible repair that could be done.

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff
Claes Patch Machine

Anderson's Shoe & Tarp Repair also knows that to do the best job you need the right tools.  We have 3 main sewing machines that are the work-horses in the sewing department.  The Claes Patch Machine has a long narrow bottom arm that allows it to get into small places.  The CowBoy sewing machine is heavy duty, great for sewing heavy tow straps, tack, etc.  The REX is a high speed walking foot sewing machine that really shines when you need to cover a lot of ground like with boat tarps or ice fish houses.

Cowboy Sewing Machine
Rex High Speed Walking Foot Sewing Machine