Birkenstock Repair

Birkenstock Foot Bed Replacement

When your Birkenstocks need a miracle, replacing the footbed does the trick.  Footbed replacement replaces everything but the straps and buckles.  The footbed replacement service includes:

  • Remove the straps from the old sandals.
  • Attach the straps to a new footbed.
  • Replace the sole
  • Reseal the cork edges
  • Shine or clean straps/upper

When we are done your birks will feel like they did when they were new.

Sandals and footbeds before work was started
Finished sandals with new footbeds and soles

Heels and Soles

We can replace just the soles or heels if the footbeds are intact.  We also have a harder material for the heels that will increase its durability, but that comes at a loss of cushioning.

New fullsoles on Birkenstock sandals
New heels on Birkenstock sandals

Cork Repair

When your Birks show signs of wear on the cork but not to the point of replacing the footbed Anderson's Shoe & Tarp has you covered.  We sand down the area to get rid of damaged cork.  Then we heat the Birko cork and mold it into the area that had the wear.  Once the cork hardens we sand it down to look like it did when the sandals were new.

Cork in heel was breaking down.
Cork was repaired on heels of sandals

Mail-in Service

If mailing your Birkenstocks is easier than stopping in we have a Birkenstock Repair Mail-in Form to fill out and mail in with your Birkenstocks.  Enter your information, enter the quantity for the service or product you desire.  If mailing multiple pairs for different services please mark what service goes with which pair.  If paying by check,  mail check with Birks,  if paying by credit card,  after we receive and examine your birks we will email you the price. Once you receive the email call during business hours to pay by phone.